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Experiencing our smart reminder system is like watching on a 75 inch TV after using a 24 inch one! Our technology is bigger, better, and more robust. We enhance reminders with your brand and relevant info for every appointment type. We avoid redundant contacts; no triple messages for triple-booking and only one message per family! Just a few of our notable differences!


Our Two-way texting offers much more than just text communication. You can send images, videos, PDFs, and even voice recordings to enhance your messaging experience. This versatile platform is compatible with various devices, ensuring seamless use on phones. Additionally, it supports secure messaging for confidential communications.


With AutoRemind, it is so easy to make beautiful email newsletters or send text messages. You can even send calls with our state-of-the-art AI voice technology. We allow you to target specific client groups, making your mass communication more relevant.


AutoRemind's digital forms are computer, tablet and mobile friendly. Our smart technology autofills the information to avoid re-typing. You can also capture signatures, photos of insurances cards, IDs or even credit cards.


AutoRemind allows you to select and pay only for the features that your practice needs.
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AutoRemind products are well liked and our support is the best.

We have tripled in size with AutoRemind Growth package.

Dr. Maureen O'Dwyer
Primary Eyecare New York

AutoRemind makes sure everybody online knows I have a great practice.

Dr. Neil Meekin
Ashley House Specialist Dental Group

Going digital and using these features makes us a lot more productive!

Dr. Parvin
Family Behavioral Health