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What Is AutoRemind?
AutoRemind develops electronic communication software for the healthcare industry so they can communicate with patients via text, email, or phone calls. Examples of this are appointment reminders, late payment messages, sales messages, etc.

AutoRemind's software products are cutting edge and we work alongside several fortune 500 companies.
In 2001 our CEO Bo Nielsen founded AutoRemind in Copenhagen, Denmark. Through the years the company has expanded and established customers in Europe, Asia, and North America. Today, AutoRemind has an office in downtown Copenhagen and Downtown Manhattan, New York City. Our New York City office is located just blocks away from One World Trade Center.
AutoRemind is not a huge corporation, but a small and tight team of people that are some of the best in the business. Our office is an entertaining and very social environment. AutoRemind’s staff is open-minded and they will use their knowledge to empower you.



An internship at AutoRemind is a world-class experience, which means that our expectations for the applicants are very high. We only do ONE internship per year, and it is not an internship that everyone can make it through. It takes a special and motivated person to make it as an intern at AutoRemind. The team will help educate you on your focus during the internship, but for that to happen we expect YOU to know what you want.

We know that you might not have much work experience, and perhaps you have a mostly educative background. Not to worry, all of the employees at AutoRemind have been in that same situation. We have all turned out well by working for companies such as LEGO, Apple, Lucasfilm, Universal Studios, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, and many other cool brands.

You need to have some standards of what you want to learn during your internship, and our team will without a doubt make sure that we exceed those standards. We expect you to have an opinion and a reason for wanting to do an internship at AutoRemind. We don't want to waste your time or our own, so be sure of your end-goal with doing an internship at AutoRemind.


An internship at AutoRemind is a once in a lifetime opportunity. When doing an internship at AutoRemind, do not expect to go on coffee and lunch runs for your colleagues. You will be doing valued work that has a direct impact on our business.

Your focus could be on sales and marketing, where you will be a part of designing new campaigns, where communication plays an important role in delivering the right message to the recipient, and many other exciting projects.

Your focus can also be on development where you will learn about next-generation software, and perhaps even project management.

Nothing is set in stone and we offer a large range of educative opportunities. Ultimately, it is your goals and expectations that will shape your internship.

You can expect an internship that will be characterized by challenging tasks, fun colleagues, and a chance to grow, thereby expanding your knowledge.

We will make sure that you feel welcomed, included, and most importantly challenged from day one. Our goal is for you to learn many new things that will help you kick ass when your internship is over.

- Bo Nielsen, CEO at AutoRemind

We were here!


We had our former intern Nathasja create a video journal showing some of the tasks she worked on during her internship at AutoRemind in New York City. Nathasja's internship was focused on sales and marketing, and we made sure she got the chance to create campaigns of her own and other exciting tasks.

Check out the video below!


We have had some crazy talented interns in the past, who have all made it through an AutoRemind internship. Read their testimonials and learn what they thought about their internship in New York City.


If you are ready to be challenged and to learn many new skills, then here is your opportunity! Please follow the instructions to the right to apply.
Attach a PDF document in English of max. 2 pages with details about yourself, education, your computer skills, talents, why you want to work with us, and what your career dreams are.

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