Title: Lead Backend Developer

Work Place: New York, USA

We are looking for a lead backend developer to be part of our development/DevOps team with responsibility for projects and lead other developers while in direct contact to our internal product owners in the USA. You have the skills and experience to master our current technology stack: Java, Jetty, JDBI, MySQL and other DB, HTTP, Linux/Windows/MacOS. You have a passion for producing DRY scalable and performant quality code and automating testing. You will deliver world class working software and regularly deploy into our staging and production environments - with a lot of freedom to impact the product.

AutoRemind's development team is spread all over the world with headquarter in Copenhagen, Denmark. You will work out of our New York office, but will have opportunity to travel our Denmark office and work from there in periods so you can get close to the development team. You will report to our CTO and work in small team of experienced software engineers where you have a chance to impact the company product lines.

· Competitive Salary
· 100% coverage for health, dental & vision insurance
· Free lunch, Coffee, Snacks, and much more

AutoRemind develops electronic communication products used by healthcare professionals and you have the opportunity to be part of something significant that constantly impacts lives every day. We handle millions of text messages, e-mails and phone calls each year and we help streamline our clients’ workflow by providing easy-to-use cloud-based products. AutoRemind has clients in Asia, Europe and in particular the U.S., and we strive to improve communication, increase engagement and most importantly help keep their patients healthy.

Please email your application to along with any references, CV, etc. and we will get back to you soon after.


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Please email your application to us along with any references, CV, etc. and we will get back to you soon after.

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