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What we are about!

About AutoRemind

AutoRemind develops electronic communication software for the healthcare industry so they can communicate with patients via text, email or phone calls. Examples of those are appointment reminders, late payment messages, sales messages, etc. AutoRemind software products are cutting edge and we work with several fortune 500 companies.

Where are we?

AutoRemind was originally established in Copenhagen(DK) in 2001 and through the years, AutoRemind has established customers in Europe, North America and Asia. Today, AutoRemind has an office in downtown Copenhagen and on Broadway in New York City.

The team

AutoRemind is not a huge corporation, but a tight team of people that are pretty awesome and some of the best in the business. It is a fun and very social environment. AutoRemind’s staff is open minded and they really want to use their individual knowledge to empower you.


Intern work

You can be the next!

If you were told life was easy then think again. You have to work for it, not wish for it! We know you may not have much work experience and come from mostly an educational background. Not to worry, everyone at AutoRemind has been in that position and they have worked with companies like LEGO, Apple, Lucasfilm, Universal Studios, Electronic Arts, Microsoft and many other cool brands since. You just have to want it. Like really want it.

The interns at AutoRemind will have access to best and will get challenges from day one. We have several different opportunities you can be a part of. Your focus could be on business, sales & marketing or even development. It all depends on what we agree on, what skills you already have or are interested in and where you see yourself going.

Don’t expect to go on coffee and lunch runs for your colleagues.
At AutoRemind, you’ll be doing valued work where you’ll see a direct impact on our business. We want you to kick ass when your internship is over and give you a ride of your life at the same time.
Check out what other interns have experienced below.

I was here

I was here

Former interns

These crazy talented people made their way through the tough AutoRemind internship and here are their testimonials.
Do you have what it takes?

Kasper Gregersen


- 5/5 stars rating

"It was super great!"

Julie Jensen


- 5/5 stars rating

"It was such a great experience!"

Julie Svendsen


- 5/5 stars rating

"It was an educative and fun time!"

Helene Hansen


- 5/5 stars rating

"A life-time experience in NYC"

This seat could be yours!


Attach a PDF document in English of max. 2 pages with details about yourself, education, your computer skills, talents, why you want to work with us and what your career dreams are.

If you are ready to be challenged and to learn many new skills, then here is your opportunity! As you can see below, you will have access to some awesome gadgets so you can be sure that you won’t miss out on anything. So if you are ready, this seat could be yours! Please follow the instructions on the left to apply.

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We're based in New York, 222 Broadway, 18th floor NY, 10038, USA.

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