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Too much software these days is sold "as-is." Many times, you pay, get a "good luck" and are sent on your way to be left alone. AutoRemind prioritizes to focus and center the client's individual needs so the product comes equipped with free best practice advice. We will help you select between the variety of options we offer in which you'll only pay for what you use and truly benefit from. On this page, we publish examples of best practice.

Primary Eye Care NYC

Dr. Maureen Odwyer and Dr. Jennifer Colovito are long-time clients of AutoRemind. They have an eyecare practice in Midtown Manhattan servicing a population of all age groups. They have a very high tech office with every modern eyecare technology to help their clients detect, treat and manage eye-related issues.

Watch this video about how Primary Eye Care NYC works with AutoRemind’s best practice advice.

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Quick Overview

After evaluating the practice’s needs, AutoRemind advised doctor’s Odwyer and Colovito to focus on these select features to take them to the next level in their practice.


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